BASN: Conserving programme, 18-19th November

British Animal Studies Network Conserving 18th and 19th November 2016 Humanities Research Institute, University of Sheffield  For registration visit: Early Bird rate £40 waged/£20 unwaged until 17/10/16 Full rate £50 waged/£25 unwaged  Plenary speakers: Rosaleen Duffy (University of Sheffield); David Farrier (University of Edinburgh); Helen Tiffin (University of Wollongong) Draft Programme  Friday 18th November 12.00-1.00: Registration and coffee 1.00-2.00: Introduction and Keynote 1 Helen Tiffin (University of Wollongong) Conservation and Animal Welfare 2.00-2.15: Comfort Break 2.15-3.15: Panel 1: Urban Conservation Samantha Hurn (University of Exeter) Street Dog Conservation Beth Savage (Practicing Artist) Sites…continue reading →

Call for Submissions: Writing Meat: Flesh-Eating and Literature Since 1900

The conversion of animal bodies into flesh for human consumption is a practice where relations of power between humans and nonhuman animals are reproduced in exemplary form. From the decline of (so-called) traditional animal husbandry to the emergence of intensive agriculture and, more recently, the biotechnological innovation of in vitro meat, the last hundred years have seen dramatic changes in processes of meat production, as well as equally significant shifts in associated patterns of human-animal relations. Over the same period, meat consumption has risen substantially and incited the emergence of new forms of…continue reading →

Animal Advocacy and the Politics of (Un)happiness

The following is a guest post by Sheffield Animals cofounder Dr Seán McCorry, and was initially presented as a conference paper at Academia and Affect 2016. We welcome contributors to our project blog. Please email for more information. *** This blog article is my attempt to work through two related sources of discomfort (or, more productively, two sites of disruption) that I have encountered in my scholarly and activist work on behalf of nonhuman animals. The first of these concerns the place of animal studies in the academy, its legitimacy as an area…continue reading →

Research Seminar: Carrie Rohman on Dance and Animality, 16th June

You are warmly invited to the final Sheffield Animals Research Colloquium talk of 2015-16, which will be given by Prof. Carrie Rohman of Lafayette College. Carrie is both a semi-professional dancer and one of the foremost scholars of literary animal studies; she has published widely, including her first monograph Stalking the Subject: Modernism and the Animal and essays on Rebecca West, Rachel Rosenthal, J.M. Coetzee, Virgina Woolf and Italo Calvino. Her most recent work, a monograph titled Choreographies of the Living: Bio-aesthetics in Literature, Art, and Performance and is forthcoming with Oxford University…continue reading →

Melencolia’s Sheep

The following is a guest post by Sheffield Animals cofounder Dr John Miller. We welcome contributors to our project blog. Please email for more information. ---------------------------------- Albrecht Dürer’s 1514 engraving Melencolia 1 has attracted renewed attention in recent years for the significance of the animal at the feet of the brooding eponymous figure. This is commonly thought of as Melancholia’s Dog, in the title of Alice Kuzniar’s book. As John Ruskin wrote of the image as a whole, ‘What it means—no one knows’; its ambiguity runs parallel to Kuzniar’s memorable, exasperated confession in…continue reading →

Arthur Miller’s Bees

This post was produced  by Dr Robert McKay as part of the Think About Bees project, a creative collaboration between academics from the University of Sheffield and the artists Anthony Bennett, Paul Evans, and Hondartza Fraga. Work informed by this workshop, and by the artists’ own thoughts and research, will be on display in the The Winter Garden, next to the Millennium Galleries, Sheffield from 27th March until 4th April 2016. *** One of the most enduring melittological manuals–still available in a number of reprint editions–is How to Keep Bees, first published in 1911,…continue reading →

Research Seminar: Liz Tyson and Ahmad Safi on Animal Advocacy in Occupied Palestine, Thurs. 3rd March, 5pm

Sheffield Animals Research Colloquium warmly invites you to attend our research seminar, which takes place in Jessop West Seminar Room 7 from 5-6pm on Thursday 3rd March. Liz Tyson (Palestinian Animal League) will be presenting a paper (co-written with Ahmad Safi) on animal advocacy in Palestine. Activism under occupation: the unique challenges in seeking social justice in Palestine This lecture will outline the unique challenges, dangers, obstacles and opportunities faced by social justice campaigners in Palestine. Using the work of the Palestinian Animal League and the ongoing human rights struggle against the occupation of Palestinian…continue reading →