Research Seminar: Liz Tyson and Ahmad Safi on Animal Advocacy in Occupied Palestine, Thurs. 3rd March, 5pm

Sheffield Animals Research Colloquium warmly invites you to attend our research seminar, which takes place in Jessop West Seminar Room 7 from 5-6pm on Thursday 3rd March. Liz Tyson (Palestinian Animal League) will be presenting a paper (co-written with Ahmad Safi) on animal advocacy in Palestine. Activism under occupation: the unique challenges in seeking social justice in Palestine This lecture will outline the unique challenges, dangers, obstacles and opportunities faced by social justice campaigners in Palestine. Using the work of the Palestinian Animal League and the ongoing human rights struggle against the occupation of Palestinian…continue reading →

Never Mind the Butterflies, Here’s the Snooker Players

The following is a guest post by Sheffield Animals cofounder Robert McKay. We welcome contributors to our project blog. Please email for more information. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Never Mind the Butterflies, Here’s the Snooker Players; or, Crypto-Fascism on Green Baize If a crowd laughs and cheers when someone powerful crushes something delicate and beautiful, you know something has gone very wrong…  Do you love to watch exuberant displays of moving colour? Do you find it hard not to admire nature’s capacity to produce ecstatically beautiful but inherently random patterns of colour through adaptations within a…continue reading →