Event report: Animal and Disability Liberation at iHuman’s Animal-Human-Machine

This is a guest post by ShARC cofounder Dr Seán McCorry on behalf of the ShARC Blog Team. *** Disability rights activists and animal liberationists have not often found themselves working towards common goals in political coalitions. From the assertion of shared humanity, which has been a crucial strategy in disability activism, to the frequently problematic way in which disability has been invoked by prominent animal rights philosophers, it is probably fair to say that relationships between zoocentric and anti-ableist thinkers have been characterised by an amount of mutual suspicion. More recently, though,…continue reading →

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Welcome to the ShARC Blog! The Sheffield Animal Studies Research Centre (ShARC) is the home of animal studies at the University of Sheffield.  Sheffield has an unusually large number of scholars and students from different disciplines working on the broad theme of human-animal relations. The purpose of this blog is twofold: to provide a platform for some of the research we are undertaking; but also to offer our scholarly thoughts on all things animal studies – whether they be events, workshops, news stories, legal changes, movies, documentaries, and so on. The ShARC Blog…continue reading →