Research Seminar: Michael Lawrence on the film zoo, Friday 27th Nov, 3pm-4.30pm

Sheffield Animals Research Colloquium warmly invites you to attend our next research seminar, which takes place in Jessop West Seminar Room 8 from 3pm-4.30pm on Friday 27th November. Michael Lawrence 'Families and Photographs in We Bought A Zoo (2011) and Our Zoo (2014)' This presentation will examine the function of photographic images, practices and technologies in two recent family-oriented representations of family-managed zoos, the Hollywood feature film We Bought A Zoo (Cameron Crowe, 2011) and the BBC television series Our Zoo (2014), both of which are based on true stories. Drawing on the…continue reading →

#PigGate and the Politics of Necrobestiality

The following is a guest post by Sheffield Animals administrator Seán McCorry. We welcome contributors to our project blog. Please email for more information. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From ‘burning a £50 note in front of a beggar’ to smashing up posh hotels, it’s hardly a secret that our future lords and masters get up to some deeply objectionable antics during the frankly revolting bacchanalia of their student days. I suspect, though, that most of us were surprised to learn of the latest allegations about David Cameron’s university career, as detailed in a new biography by…continue reading →

Reading group: Anat Pick, ‘Why Not Look at Animals?’, Tuesday 15th September, 5pm

The Animals Reading Group invites you to discuss Anat Pick's article 'Why Not Look at Animals?' The group meets at 5pm on Tuesday 15th September in Jessop West Seminar Room 2. Pick's article interrogates the ethics of looking at animals in image theory and natural history documentary. The article is posted online here: You can also find an interview with Pick where she discusses the politics of animal images as part of the Knowing Animals podcast series: Attendees are strongly encouraged to view the (fantastic) interactive short documentary Bear 71, which…continue reading →

Welcome to the Sheffield Animals Research Colloquium

We are the Sheffield Animals Research Colloquium, an interdisciplinary research collective studying animals at the University of Sheffield. We aim to organise a variety of research seminars, reading groups, conferences, and symposia over the coming years. Members of the Sheffield Animals Research Colloquium (ShARC) work across the humanities and social sciences. ShARC is committed to understanding the political and cultural representation of animals. ShARC takes animals seriously. We are intellectually and ethically curious about animals and their various habitats. ShARC does not believe that humans are exceptional amongst species. ShARC is interested in…continue reading →