Welcome to the ShARC Blog!

The Sheffield Animal Studies Research Centre (ShARC) is the home of animal studies at the University of Sheffield.  Sheffield has an unusually large number of scholars and students from different disciplines working on the broad theme of human-animal relations.

The purpose of this blog is twofold: to provide a platform for some of the research we are undertaking; but also to offer our scholarly thoughts on all things animal studies – whether they be events, workshops, news stories, legal changes, movies, documentaries, and so on.

The ShARC Blog has posted some wonderful blogs in the past: most recently commenting on the sad news of Tom Regan’s death; and perhaps most famously the David Cameron pig-gate affair.

Now our aim to become even bigger and even brighter.  We want to post regular blogs that everyone in the animal studies community will be eager to read and engage with.

Our brief is purposefully unprescriptive: we want the range of posts to reflect the wonderful eclectic-ness of our ShARC shoal.  Reviews, commentary on animal-related current affairs, reports on research, reflections on the discipline of animal-studies, reports on animal-themed conferences, and much more besides, will all be showcased.

We also intend to reach out to our friends in animal studies beyond ShARC for contributions in the near future.  If you would like to get involved, we’d love to hear from you.

So please keep in touch with the website and follow us on twitter (@ShefAnimals) – and most of all, enjoy the blog!


The ShARC Blog Team