We are the Sheffield Animals Research Colloquium, an interdisciplinary research collective studying animals at the University of Sheffield.

We aim to organise a variety of research seminars, reading groups, conferences, and symposia over the coming years.

Members of the Sheffield Animals Research Colloquium (ShARC) work across the humanities and social sciences.

ShARC is committed to understanding the political and cultural representation of animals.

ShARC takes animals seriously. We are intellectually and ethically curious about animals and their various habitats.

ShARC does not believe that humans are exceptional amongst species.

ShARC is interested in imagining new cultures and politics of human – animal relations.

Latest updates, news, and events from ShARC can be found here on our project website, or through our Twitter account: https://twitter.com/ShefAnimals.

If you have any queries, contact the group administrator, Seán McCorry: s.mccorry@sheffield.ac.uk